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We at Josef Marc believe that the ability to bake authentic high-quality artisan bakery products should be accessible to all. We are therefore committed to providing original European quality products and we invest huge amounts of time and energy making sure their hopes and ambitions can properly be identified and understood required knowledge and understanding to all the passionate home & professional bakers. Now you cannot only bake with ease but also enjoy the European standard product in the comfort of your home.

Through our more than 3 decades-long experience in bakery industry, we are able to Customise every component of our products to create ease of making for home & professional bakers and therefore we offer you premium bakery ingredients formulated by our Swiss experts

Authentic products developed by Swiss experts

Simplified and quick to make recipe

No unhealthy additives or preservatives

Quality Promise


Josef Marc is an artisan baking solution, which offers an exquisite variety of baking products with no chemicals and no preservatives. The central idea behind our concept is to serve high quality, authentic European standard products..


We at Josef Marc strongly believes in commitment to research and quality with modern technology, we assure that whatever product we supply there will be no compromise on quality and purity, one of our goals is to provide a various variety of professional baking flour and premium baking mixes that can meet our baker’s requirement. Our requirements for raw materials are so strenuous that it's not unusual for our Swiss quality technicians to reject entire truckloads of raw materials that do not meet our standards. We like to think that we take as much pride & care in crafting our products as our baker do with crafting various accomplishments. For us, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and our experts are always available for guiding our clients whenever they are needed.

No compromise quality policy across the Josef Marc team

Strict quality checks at all stages start from packaging to transportation

Collaboration with bakers to provide individually customized solutions


About Our Flour


We care about our flour-like no one has ever before! Josef Marc committed to delivering an exceptional experience in a traditional mill. In the milling process, we ensure great care is taken in selecting the finest, pure wheat varieties. In our mission to deliver the best French flours, we've made India’s first completely unbleached, Non-Chlorinated, and Non-Bromated flour. The result is a safe range of authentic French flours, with Matchless freshness.


About packing of our flour

We pack your selected Josef Marc flour only after you have placed your order to ensure that you are getting the fresh product from our stock. Our French-style flours are traditionally milled by artisan millers and the entire flour range is produced from imported French grown wheat or with a blend of locally grown equivalent wheat varieties.


Mission of the Company

We at Josef Marc bring together a community of amazing home and Professional bakers of all levels. Our mission is to promote baking of all kinds and share knowledge, recipes and ideas to encourage the home Bakers. Josef Marc provides the ultimate Flour selection for every baker’s kitchen. Explore our full range of bakery ingredients formulated by Swiss expert and delivered straight to your door.



All flour isn't created equal and as bakers, we want you to know what that means. Most flour companies bleach their flour with chemicals like chlorine dioxide and benzoyl peroxide to give it an artificially white appearance. Josef Marc Flour contains no bleach, no bromated and no artificial preservatives of any kind. What you get instead of those chemical bleaching agents is flour from superior grains grown by farmers.


Made from selected wheat varieties

We have chosen a grain that naturally has the right ratio of protein & gluten to make your baked product naturally delicious.


Consistency in Product Quality

Our French style range of speciality flour is milled by the artisan miller in traditional mill. Each of the flour undergoes with various inspection prior to milling to ensure the quality and consistency of the product.


Unmatched Flavour Profile

To bring you the authentic French flour, we select only finest wheat seeds which ensure you are getting naturally uncompromised product with unmatched flavour profile.


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