Classic Red Velvet Cake Mix, 0.88LBS

A convenient mix to prepare naturally red coloured velvet cake with excellent cheesy taste.

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0.88LBS (400gm)


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  Formulated in Switzerland

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Formulated in Switzerland

Vegetarian product

Rich, moist and simply gorgeous, Red Velvet Cake is a real showstopper!

This rich and soft velvety beauty has rightly been called a modern-day classic by many renowned bakers. That's why we at Josef Marc have created this special mix so that you can enjoy this amazingly delicious classic!

Our Red Velvet Cake Mix has the right ingredients for you to create this stunning, vibrant and outrageously delightful dessert all by yourself in your very own kitchen. The mix has been made by using real cheese powder and contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

Our mixes have been formulated by bakery technologists and professionals in our R&D lab based in Switzerland and we make sure to provide you the best quality available in the world.

You can use this mix to create red velvet layered cakes, bar cakes, and even cupcakes. You can also pair it with cream cheese frosting to add more creative magic to it!

Red Velvet Cake is perfect for birthdays, parties and as Valentine’s Day dessert. So go on and treat yourself and your loved ones!

Benefits of Josef Marc Red Velvet Cake Mix
  • Saves Preparation time
  • Creates rich, moist and simply gorgeous Red Velvet Cake
  • Just requires water & veg oil
  • Consistent results every time
Shelf-Life:  Josef Marc® Red Velvet Cake Mix can be stored for 6 months in a sealed 400g container under ideal storage conditions (cool, dry place).

Uses:  Makes rich, moist and simply gorgeous Red Velvet cakes.

Packaging: Red Velvet Cake Mix is available in a 400g container with our Trusted Seal.

Yields: You can prepare 650g Red Velvet Cake with 400g of Josef Marc Classic Red Velvet Cake Mix.

Allergy Information: Wheat, gluten, milk powder and may contain cereals.

Our Classic Red Velvet Cake Mix is used to make naturally coloured red velvet cake with excellent cheesy taste. This rich and soft velvety beauty has rightly been called a modern day classic by many renowned bakers.

4.8 out of 5
21 Reviews, 21 Ratings

 5 out of 5

tasty tasty my son loved the taste
brilliant red colour, loved the out come. was easy to make

 5 out of 5

Beyond Awesome.

Kinnia tarifaan chahidi hai tenu.
Loved this product.
Once you made cake from this premix, you will never purchase a cake from outside.

 5 out of 5

Very easy to use .. makes very spongy and yummy cake..

 5 out of 5

It tasted really good with the flavors of red velvet

 5 out of 5

Really good

 5 out of 5

Totally worth it. It's a total love. Will go for my second purchase soon.

 5 out of 5

Easy to make, market lyk taste

 4 out of 5

Very tasty

 5 out of 5

The taste is superb and quality is excellent. Though they pack everything in a sealed paper bag like packing it doesn’t affect the quality unless it gets wet. We all loved it so much

 5 out of 5

Rich in flavor and softness. Measurement of oil and water might vary but experts should know already.

 5 out of 5

Good in taste and easy to cook ...

 5 out of 5

It's nice product and it's taste is tasty

 5 out of 5

The cake came out beautiful. Some observation:
1. Used lukewarm milk instead of water
2. Used ghee, but using olive oil would have been better
3. The ganache on top is 85% dark chocolate, and the cake would have made the cake too bitter: so I spread 1:1 sugar syrup (100gm sugar in 100ml water heated until sugar dissolves) over the cake layers.
4. My cake tin was small, so this cake rises a good height and so I was able to create a two-layer cake (Baked it for 40min at 180deg Celsius and didn't take it out immediately)
5. However if a bigger tin is used, the cake should be baked for 30 min as instructed

 5 out of 5

Comes with resealing packaging. Really soft .would also recommend beginners to try it if you can't go into deep recipe detail this product is for you.
But I'll suggest trying a smaller quantity at first

 5 out of 5

Awesome taste but price should be in 300rs

 5 out of 5

This is worth a try! And the flavor of the cake is awesome. I do recommend this to all people.

 5 out of 5

Very easy to make and tasted super!!!

 5 out of 5

It turned out very family enjoyed the taste. it's awesomely

 3 out of 5


 5 out of 5

The best-tasting cake I have ever tried. Amazing quality n quantity. Though I also added 2 eggs for better texture. But even without eggs it tastes amazing and was ready in just 15 mins.

 4 out of 5


Experience the magic of decadent home-baked goods with Josef Marc baking solutions!

Our Classic Redvelvet Cake Mix enable bakers to create delicious & memorable at the comfort of their home & brings you the same great tasting used in the best hotels, restaurants & bakeries around the world.

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No, Josef Marc classic Red velvet Cake Mix does not require egg to be added to the standard recipe. This complete premix is formulated for the preparation egg-free red velvet cake which is comparable to egg variants


Josef Marc Classic Red Velvet Cake Mix does not have any chemical agents as well as any preservatives of any kind.


Josef Marc Classic Red velvet Cake is a convenient mix to make naturally colored red velvet cake with an excellent cheesy taste.


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