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Original Pancake Mix, 2LBS

The only pancake premix that gives soft & fluffy pancakes just like the original made-from-scratch recipe

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2LBS (907gm)


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  Formulated in Switzerland

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Formulated in Switzerland

Vegetarian product

Light, fluffy and heavenly delicious is what comes to our mind when we see pancakes. Honestly, a world without pancakes is something we can't even imagine! Soft golden round pancakes are perfect Sunday morning treats.

Don't get us wrong, you can't dare to restrict them during weekend brunches. In fact, true pancake lovers don't need a specific day to relish them.

Our Original Pancake Mix is the perfect solution for you to savor your pancake love. It's easy, quick to prepare and has an excellent flavor profile which your taste buds would love to get tickled with.

It's also eggless and can be prepared in just 5 minutes! All you need to do is pour some water and the pancake premix in a bowl, whisk all the ingredients together to form a smooth batter then pour ¼ cup batter on the preheated griddle and cook until the edges are dry and turn golden brown.

Decorate the pancakes with different toppings or you can pile them up and drip some maple syrup on top of the pancake tower!

Benefits of Josef Marc® Original Pancake Mix
  • Saves preparation time
  • Creates light and fluffy pancakes
  • Just requires water & oil.
  • Consistent results every time
Shelf-Life:  Josef Marc® Original Pancake Mix can be stored for 6 months in a sealed 907g packet under ideal storage conditions (cool, dry place).

Uses:  Makes light, fluffy, and heavenly delicious original Pancakes in minutes.

Packaging: Original Pancake Mix is available in a 907g container with our Trusted Seal.

Yields: You can prepare 40 Pancakes of 50g each with 907kg of Josef Marc Original Pancake Mix.

Allergy Information: Wheat, gluten, milk powder and may contain cereals.

Our Josef Marc® original Pancake premix is the perfect solution for you to savour your pancake love. It's also eggless and you can prepare light, fluffy pancakes in just 5 minutes.

5.0 out of 5
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 5 out of 5


 5 out of 5


 5 out of 5

Best among all. if you guys really want to taste a nice homemade pancake n you too lazy just like me to do all the preparations just go for it... take 2 spoons of this mix n to add some water to it n make fluffy pancakes.. add some honey or banana or maple syrup or your choices of fruits... I loved it btw...

 5 out of 5

It should come in a bigger size... It has a hint of vanilla flavor which makes pancakes yummy!!

Experience the magic of decadent home-baked goods with Josef Marc baking solutions!

Our Original Pancake Mix enable bakers to create delicious & memorable at the comfort of their home & brings you the same great tasting used in the best hotels, restaurants & bakeries around the world.

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Josef Marc Original Pancake does not have bitter taste at all there are several reasons of having bittering taste A) you had not stored the pancake under the required temperature B) Batter is very light (due to more water )


No, it does not make more difference to your end product if you add milk instead of water, the Product will taste like a creamier mouth feel as compared to the variant prepared with water. The proportion of milk to be used is the same as the quantity of water.


Original Pancake mix can be used to prepare many different pancake variants. A) For Chocolate Pancake Add 4% - 6% Cocoa Powder into the baker recipe. B) For Charcoal mini Pancake Add 2% Activated Charcoal Powder into the baker recipe


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