Active Dry Sourdough Starter, 0.22LBS

Gently dried sourdough which gives natural sour taste with excellent texture and aroma to your bread.

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0.22LBS (100gm)


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  Formulated in Switzerland

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Formulated in Switzerland

Vegetarian product

Josef Marc Active Sourdough stands for naturalness, convenience, and freshness to enhance the taste, flavor and texture profile. Active Sourdough is also capable of making authentic and naturally sour flavor bread. Sourdoughs are produced by controlled and defined fermentation of flour with water & natural starter strains and subsequent gentle drying.

Active Sourdough Starter not only allows you to bake original specialty bread with ease but also helps to give consistent quality each time thus it makes preferred option for home bakers looking for modern-day techniques to produce traditional baked goods with a golden past.
    Advantage of Josef Marc Active Sourdough Starter
  • Gently dried sourdough
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Fast, reliable & simple usage
  • Enhances the shelf life of the baked goods

Active sourdough starter based on sourdough blends. Ideal for the preparation of artisan and specialty bread made using natural sourdough starter. It imparts natural sour taste with excellent texture and aroma to your bread.

4.7 out of 5
6 Reviews, 6 Ratings

 4 out of 5

As instant as it can get
It's very active and cuts down rising time.

 5 out of 5

I'm a home baker. I have made bread quite a few times but this was my first time baking a sourdough bread. Trust me this starter is a wonder. The first pic is of the kneaded dough, second pic is of risen dough, third the baked loaf, and forth pic is of the sliced bread. I can't ask for more from a sourdough starter. It is what I expected and more, much more.

 5 out of 5

Excellent to buy!!!!
Don't miss this product, you won't be disappointed. My personal recommendation is to go with this product than others, try it without hesitation, its not a big money, its performance is really excellent.

 5 out of 5

No instructions given on how to use the product...

 5 out of 5


 4 out of 5

It's very active and cuts down rising time.

Experience the magic of decadent home-baked goods with Josef Marc baking solutions!

Our Active Dry Sourdough Starter enable bakers to create delicious & memorable at the comfort of their home & brings you the same great tasting used in the best hotels, restaurants & bakeries around the world.

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Classic Sourdough Bread Using Active Dry Sourdough Starter
Classic Sourdough Bread Using Active Dry Sourdough Starter

Classic Sourdough Bread Using Active Dry Sourdough Starter



PLACE all the ingredients in the mixing bowl.

USE a spiral mixer

MIX at a slow speed for 5 minutes and mix at a fast speed for 2 minutes. 

DOUGH temperature should be at 26°C to 27°C.

PROOF it for 40 to 45  minutes. 

SCALE the dough into 320gm, round them and leave to rest again for a short time 

LENGTHEN the dough roll them in rye flour  

BAKE  at 240ºC to 250ºC under the falling temperature of 230ºC for  35 to 40 minutes


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