Wood Fired Pizza Dough

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PLACE all the ingredients in the mixing bowl.

USE a spiral mixer for mixing.

MIX on the slow speed for 4 minutes and on the fast speed for 6 minutes.

DOUGH temperature should be below 23°C. Bulk fermentation not required.

SCALE the dough weight to 180gm ( for 14-inch pizza) and roll it to form a dough ball and put it in
a closed container.

PROOF it either at room temperature (max 28°C for 60 minutes or refrigerate (4°C - 6°C) for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 20 hours. Roll the dough accordingly to the tray size, top it with desired sauce and cheese.

BAKE at 300°C to 350°C for 5 minutes to 6 minutes approximately.


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